About Me

I am an AHRC funded DPhil candidate, and the Peter Storey scholar at Balliol College, University of Oxford. I hold an MSt from the University of Oxford and an MA (hons) from the University of Aberdeen.

My current research focuses on the motivations for and experience of the Housing Programme in Britain in the immediate aftermath of the First World War. Of particular interest to me is the way in which perceptions of contemporary politics stimulated policy, the impact of war on the housing crisis and the ameliorative policies which followed it, and the continuity of public health concerns as a motivation for action.

I am interested in the way our historical past interacts with our political present, and I might blog at times about both. I am living the experience of undertaking doctoral study, and might write about that too. I am passionate about improving access to higher education for kids from lower-income backgrounds and state schools, as well as those with, or with histories of, mental illness. Unashamedly left-of-centre. If you close your eyes and listen hard, you might hear a faint tweeting noise coming from @CalumWWhite . For more Academia-ish stuff, Follow me on Academia.edu, and to get in contact with me use any of those or send me an email at calum.white@balliol.ox.ac.uk.

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